Protect Your Cloud Core.
Identity and Access

Rezonate discovers, analyzes, profiles and protects every identity, user and resource in all your clouds – in real-time, to prevent and stop attacks in the earliest stages. So you can assure, at all times, that every privilege and access to your data and resources are protected.

“With Rezonate we can finally see and understand an end-to-end view of our cloud identities and their respective risk – across our identity provider all the way to our multi-account AWS infrastructure – in real time. Our DevOps and security teams are enabled to work hand-in-hand to eliminate blindspots and accelerate remediations.”

“Within hours of deployment, we understood the complete picture of our cross-cloud identity and access risks. Our DevOps team uses Rezonate daily to understand context and prioritize critical risks. We are now 10X faster and more effective in remediating security gaps.”

“Rezonate brings a new approach to cloud identity protection. The innovation and simplicity it delivers enable organizations of all sizes and all maturity levels to reduce cloud identity and access risk. By embracing the dynamic cloud and applying that same agility towards its security, Rezonate is really changing the way cloud security is thought of today. The time to protect cloud identities and access is now.”

Identity 360

Eliminate Your Identity Exposure Gap

With Rezonate, you’ll discover all clouds and identity provider’s, past and present, access privileges and real-time dynamics of every identity and resource. The result: A complete, context-rich Identity Storyline that shows you and enable action in one glance.

Actionable Context

Act fast. Resolve Your Risk.

In minutes, Rezonate gains complete situational understanding and prioritize your cloud identities and access risk. Rezonate provides for each risk a wide range of guided and automated remediation actions. Simple for your team to understand, fast to act on to significantly minimize security risk.

Detection and Response

Detect And Instantly Respond To Cloud Threats

Rezonate protects and stop common and sophisticated attacks alike, before any damage occurs. Its detection engine, continuously updated by Rezonate frontline research, allows security and DevOps teams to prioritize the threats that matter most and confidently focus on the optimal remediation plan.

  • Privilege escalation
  • Defense Evasion
  • Account Takeover
  • Lateral Movement
  • Data Exfiltration
  • Toxic Combination
  • Excessive Exploitation
  • Risky Operation
  • Credential Theft

All techniques detected are aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Eliminate Attacker’s Opportunity To
Breach Your Cloud Today

How we differ from the rest

What Makes Rezonate Unique

Our approach to cloud security is new – and disruptively simple. Our single platform brings your security and DevOps teams together as never before. They work as one to thwart breach attempts and shore up your most important exposures. Together they can stop attacks before they hit home so your enterprise can continue its focus on building.

Prevent The Breach

Adjust access controls and privileges as exposure risk and threats arise – or even before. Mitigate risk automatically with continuous fix validation and our zero-new-risk approach.

Aircover While You Build

Know that you’re taking action whenever accepted risk and newly emerging ones attempt to cross defined guardrails and boundaries. Give your teams the confidence to build and deploy.

Bridge Context Across Teams

The strongest security happens when builders and defenders work in tandem. Rezonate gives security team the know-how of their cloud infrastructure, and to DevOps teams the actionability and trust they require.

Simplify Complexity

We Protect So You Can Build.


Decrease in exposure exploitation time window


Point alerts reduced


DevOps minutes
saved per fix


Faster remediation

The Complete Platform For Cloud Identity Protection

Rezonate introduces the first real-time protection of your cloud control plane – Identity and Access – across your clouds and identity providers.

Across Clouds And Identity Providers
From Build Time to Real Time

Identity & access security posture management

Discover, establish and visualize inventory of cloud identity, services entitlements, and its access behaviors to resources and data.

Identity threat
detection & response

Proactively detect identity and access threat signals and respond to high-risk exposures to strengthen cyberattack preparedness.

Operational visibility

See and control your shifting clouds as they change. Its dynamics, impact and actual activities so you can take action quickly and accurately.

Your Attack Surface

Protect Identity & Access
From Build Time to Real Time

Your cloud infrastructure is always changing. Your security should too. Rezonate provides complete identity protection for your identity provider, multi-cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes service accounts. One that’s streamlined so you can build faster.

See Rezonate in Action

Eliminate Attacker’s Opportunity To Breach Your Cloud today

Organizations worldwide use Rezonate to protect their most precious assets. Contact us now, and join them.