The Identity Centric Security Platform

Rezonate discovers, profiles, and protects human & machine identities across their entire access journey to your business assets

  • Cloud InfrastructureCloud
    • AWS
    • Google Cloud (GCP)
    • Azure Cloud
  • Identity ProvidersIdPs
    • Okta
    • Azure Active Directory
    • Google Workspace
  • Business-Critical SaaS ApplicationsSaaS
    • Github
    • snowflake
    • Microsoft Office
Gartner cool vendor 2023

Rezonate named a Cool vendor in the 2023 Gartner® Cool Vendors™ in Identity-First Security report.

“We believe that Gartner recognition is a significant milestone for us at Rezonate. We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing an all-encompassing identity-first security platform that continually strengthens security posture, empowers robust defense, and enables effective remediation.”

Roy Akerman, Co-Founder & CEO, Rezonate
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Identity Security Graph

See how security teams use Rezonate to protect their identities in the speed of business

“Secure access to sensitive information and visibility into identities in health data analytics cannot be overstated.
The frequent acquisitions and integrations of various companies and their identity stacks add to our complexity and governance efforts. Rezonate solves our extended identity attack surface, enhancing our security process without slowing us down, keeping us vigilant against threats.”

Dor Kitenberg
Head of Cyber Security

“Within hours of deployment, we understood the complete picture of our cross-cloud identity and access risks. Our DevOps team uses Rezonate daily to understand context and prioritize critical risks. We are now 10X faster and more effective in remediating security gaps.”

Alexander Sorochan
Head of DevSecOps PayMe

“Rezonate brings a new approach to cloud identity protection. The innovation and simplicity it delivers enable organizations of all sizes and all maturity levels to reduce cloud identity and access risk. By embracing the dynamic cloud and applying that same agility towards its security, Rezonate is really changing the way cloud security is thought of today. The time to protect cloud identities and access is now.”

Sam Curry
CISO Zscaler

“With Rezonate we can finally see and understand an end-to-end view of our cloud identities and their respective risk – across our identity provider all the way to our multi-account AWS infrastructure – in real time. Our DevOps and security teams are enabled to work hand-in-hand to eliminate blindspots and accelerate remediations.”

Olivier Martinet

Radically Simple, Intuitive, and
Collaborative IAM Security Operations

Complete Identity Storyline

Discover and profile the full power, permissions, access paths, and activity patterns of your human and machine identities. Across clouds, IdPs, and Critical SaaS.

Understand Identity Storyline

Continuous Exposure Reduction

Uncover and automatically remove: weak authentication, misconfigured trust relations, risky permissions, and bad practices.

Identity Misconfiguration

Adaptive Access and Privileges

Your identities are managed by different stakeholders and change all the time. Use Rezonate Adaptive Access engine to avoid excessive privileges, and to secure powerful permissions with conditional access and optimized security controls.

  • Without Adaptive Access
  • With Adaptive Access
Cloud Adaptive Access
Cloud Adaptive Access

Hunting for Risks and Threats

Be proactive and narrow down the window of exposure by finding tech or human root causes for your risky identities before attackers will get advantage of them.

Remediation Hunting Identities
Understand Identity Storyline
Identity Misconfiguration
  • Without Adaptive Access
  • With Adaptive Access
Cloud Adaptive Access
Cloud Adaptive Access
Remediation Hunting Identities

Risk Reduction at scale

Continuous protection and risk prioritization

Go beyond periodic configuration scans and unlock real-time risk scores, and gain visibility into security gaps and activity across your identity structure and attack surface.

Identity Risk Reduction

Insights to Actions

Just minutes after launch, Rezonate discovers and analyzes past events, authorization rules, access conditions and configurations, and live streams so your team can understand potential risks and automate or jump to resolve them ASAP.

Security Insights to Identity Actions

Simplifying IAM Complexity

With real-time protection you can confidently answer the question: Who/what assumed what role/privileges, for taking what action, on which resource, on which asset and for what intent. Right now.

Identity Risks

Stop Active Identity Attacks

  • Compromised Identities
  • Account Takeover
  • Misuse of Privileges

Stop attempts to compromise your identities in real-time, with real-time activities, full context, and orchestration that allow you to eliminate the attack without disrupting your business.

Detect Active Threats, lined with MITRE ATTA&CK framework

Rapidly detect and respond to potential malicious account takeovers. Rezonate’s advanced technology enables real-time monitoring of user behavior, identifying potential security threats before they escalate.

Start detecting active threats, and identify tactics, scope, and possible impact.

Monitor for unauthorized access or privilege escalation attempts. Rezonate’s platform is designed to simplify privilege management and access monitoring while accelerating responses to malicious access attempts.

Start detecting active threats, and identify tactics, scope, and possible impact.

Security Threats Impacts

5 Ways To Use Rezonate

Learn how security professionals use Rezonate
to secure identities and access.

Asset Management Identity and Cloud

Least Privilege, Maximum Productivity

Rezonate reduces access to the essentials your users need to do their job, minimizing disruption and malicious exploitation as they work.

Unified Access Review

Unified access and privileges review

Rezonate enables Admins to easily confirm that each user has the correct access rights for their job. With Rezonate you can ensure that users have appropriate access privileges.

Real Time Threat Detection Identity (ITDR)

Real-time threat detection and response

Rezonate identifies not just activity, but patterns, creating baselines, sounding the alarm when anomalies are present, and reducing false positives.


Continuous risk monitoring

Rezonate discovers high-risk exposures and corrects excessive and toxic privileges on identity provider services and cloud infrastructure services.


Automated Remediation

Rezonate employs flexible response options, such as setting up boundaries and guardrails, terminating identity provider sessions, and correcting infrastructure platform policies, depending on need.

Identity-Centric Security in A Single Platform

That Allows:
CISOs to govern IAM & control the risk
IAM Engineers to see & orchestrate the full identity & access map
DevOps to obtain observability and context for the cloud infrastructure
Security Engineers to deep dive into the IAM world with Threat detection and Response context

Rezonate Security Dashboard
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