Identity Threat Detection and Response

Rezonate is real-time, risk-driven identity protection that detects and blocks attempts by internal and external malicious actors to take over user and machine identities. It works to stop threats of data exfiltration, cryptolocking, ransomware, and resource abuse before they escalate or achieve lateral movement.

Stop Identity Breaches Fast.

Continuous monitoring of suspicious activity and active attempts to compromise identities or abuse their privileges helps you stay ahead of threats, safeguarding your organization with unparalleled efficiency and ease.

Stand Ready

Stand in “assume breach” mode with end-to-end visibility and monitoring to detect account takeovers, stop ransomware attacks, and prevent privilege abuse.

Detect Immediately

Monitor identity activities and adversarial changes in security controls, detecting threat models, anomalous behavior and while analyzing the blast radius of identities across the identity fabric to understand potential impact. 

Respond in Real Time

Leverage automated incident remediation workflows and predefined mitigation strategies to respond before attackers can make their next move. Respond with confidence to stop attacks early, and prevent lateral movement.

Identity Threat Detection and Remediation Features

Keep attackers from permeating both the human and machine identities that support your entire business:

AI-driven detection

Leverage AI-driven anomaly detection and user entitlement behavioral analytics (UEBA) to spot unusual behavior and threat models in real time.

Automated incident response workflows

Swiftly mitigate security issues through Rezonate’s monitoring and triggering system, which invokes response and remediation commands from within Rezonate to revoke or change access across the impacted applications and infrastructure and harden security controls.

Rapid response

Rezonate automates or triggers orchestration workflows into third-party systems, including identity providers, HR and service desk tools, or SaaS apps.

Seamless integration

Integration with SIEM, XDR, SOAR, and IAM platforms, along with other action-oriented and data feed tools, enables you to triage in seconds. Rezonate automatically extends threat intelligence and response across your cloud, SaaS, on-premises, and identity providers. Learn more about our integrations.

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Ready to see Rezonate in action?

“Rezonate combines identity threat detection and posture management to reduce exposure time and optimize our response to suspicious activities. The robust remediation workflows and the UI, make the platform an important asset in our line of defense.”

Paul Groisman

Sr. Director Cyber Security, Fubo

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