Identity Security Posture Management

Minimize your identity attack surface with continuous monitoring across all of your identities (human and machine), access rights, and authentication processes across your cloud, SaaS applications and identity providers.

Automated and guided remediations and streamlined access reviews allow you to adhere to security best practices and ensure continuous compliance.

Reduce Your Identity Attack Surface

Proactively optimize compliance and identity hygiene efforts. Rezonate helps you to spot access identity risks, continuously monitor security issues, and enforce best practices and policies.

Risk-Driven Security

Discover, correct, and prevent weak points in your identity infrastructure to prevent identity-based attacks and compliance issues. Rezonate gives you visibility into excess privileges, dormant accounts, misconfigured access, elevated risk profiles, and more. Risk scores help you prioritize your efforts in the areas that matter most.

Continuous Compliance

Checking the compliance box doesn’t necessarily mean you are protected from attacks. Rezonate helps enforce both security and compliance with continuous monitoring and risk assessments.

Automated Remediation

Leverage MITRE ATT&CK threat models and real-time visibility to quickly mitigate security issues and block potential threats directly from Rezonate or through integration with other tools. Trigger remediation actions based on changes in identities or adversarial changes in security controls.


Accelerate the deployment of identity security best practices, maintenance, and compliance.

Identity-centric risk profiling

Pinpoint the most dangerous and vulnerable users and machines, leveraging a dynamic risk score metric that changes as access changes in real time. Integrate these alerts with other tools or use Rezonate to auto-mitigate misconfigurations. You can also limit access until the risk is removed (zero-trust) and prioritize security operations around the riskiest identities.

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Identity hygiene

Discover, correct, and prevent weak points in your identity infrastructure. With Rezonate, you can uncover excess privileges, dormant/inactive accounts, misconfigured access, elevated risk profiles, and more.

Risk-based remediation

Prioritize the most critical issues and threats based on risk profiles generated by Rezonate. Remediate issues directly from the platform or via integration with your IAM and security tools. Automated remediations, self-correcting automation, seamless orchestration with integrated solutions, or manual efforts.

Continuous identity compliance

Rezonate continuously monitors and assesses your identity security to close gaps and enforce least privilege access. With streamlined access reviews informed by contextual insights, you can comply with standards like the NIST CSF 2.0 framework, compliance requirements, and industry regulations.

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“Rezonate combines identity threat detection and posture management to reduce exposure time and optimize our response to suspicious activities. The robust remediation workflows and the UI, make the platform an important asset in our line of defense.”

Paul Groisman

Sr. Director Cyber Security, Fubo

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