Streamline Compliance

Experience a seamless, efficient compliance process and minimize audit findings. Rezonate reduces the time it takes to conduct access reviews from days to minutes. We give you a real-time view of your compliance status and automate remediations.

Ace Your Audits

Whether you are trying to automate regular access reviews, recover from a failed audit or operationalizing policy enforcement for better compliance performance overall, Rezonate can help.

Comply with Confidence

Gain pinpoint accuracy in preparing for audits with Rezonate. Our identity security assessment and hygiene capabilities help you to efficiently prepare for audits by reporting on your identity security controls, configurations and policies highlighting areas that do not meet with compliance requirements.

Gain Efficiencies

Accelerate your audit process from streamlined access reviews to guided remediations. Rezonate’s streamlined approach facilitates rapid verification and reporting, significantly reducing the time and effort required to demonstrate compliance with reports that impress auditors.

Ensure Continuous Compliance

Risk never sleeps and neither does Rezonate. Our continuous monitoring detects and addresses any deviations in policy and security controls in real-time, ensuring your systems remain compliant and secure, providing ongoing protection against compliance-related risks.

Identity Compliance Features

Make audits a breeze using Rezonate’s cutting-edge technology to enforce and maintain robust compliance and security standards so you can focus on your day job.

Centralized, automated reviews

View compliance status with intuitive dashboards and swiftly address compliance gaps. Automate the verification of security controls and ensure they meet stringent compliance standards. The platform incorporates your policies and industry compliance frameworks mapping them to your actual identities and their privileges and enables you to search and filter to highlight any area of concern.

One-click corrections

Minimize the risk of human error by highlighting a particular policy and the areas where there are issues. Rezonate makes it easy to tackle issues individually or in bulk with one-click security controls correction.

Real-time access reviews

Streamline your team’s access reviews and reinforce the principle of least privilege effectively. Rezonate facilitates quick, comprehensive reviews as issues crop up and also as part of a certification cycle offering remediation recommendations to ensure that the right individuals have the appropriate access levels.

Continuous compliance monitoring

Stay compliant over time automatically. Rezonate monitors for any deviations from established policies not only identifying but also automatically remediating issues or sending immediate alerts. This keeps your systems secure and compliant around the clock.

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“Rezonate combines identity threat detection and posture management to reduce exposure time and optimize our response to suspicious activities. The robust remediation workflows and the UI, make the platform an important asset in our line of defense.”

Paul Groisman

Sr. Director Cyber Security, Fubo

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