Identity and Access Protection Across Clouds and SaaS

Rezonate detects and auto-remediates access configurations, risky activities, and weak security practices from build time to real-time, across your identity providers and IaaS for a complete identity risk reduction.

Graph. This is Storyline

Identity 360

Rezonate continuously synthesizes data from all your cloud applications and  resources as well as your human and machine identities, to provide you with a single, unified identity storyline that offers a panoramic view of all your identity and access risks.

Actionable context

Rezonate’s Identity Storyline goes beyond traditional overloaded graph views to tell you the story behind each identity, exposure and threat, so you can confidently pinpoint, prioritize and act to eliminate access risks.

Understand end-to-end

For every risk detected, exposure or an active threat, Identity Storyline tells how it came to be and what havoc it might wreak.


Real-Fast. Real-Simple. Real-Time.

Continuously protect

Go beyond periodic configuration scans and unlock real-time view of every change and every activity across your cloud identity attack surface.

Insights to actions

Just minutes after launch, Rezonate discovers and analyzes past events, authorization rules, and live streams so your team can understand potential risks and jump to resolve them ASAP.

Simplify complexity

With real-time protection you can confidently answer the question:
Who/what assumed what role, to take what action, on which resource, for what data and what intent. Right now.


Eliminate Adversarial Opportunities And Protect Your Business Apps and Cloud Today

5 Ways To Use Rezonate

Learn how security professionals use Rezonate to
secure cloud identity and access


Least Privilege,
Maximum Productivity

Rezonate adapts access and entitlements to the minimum your developers need to do their job – for minumum disruption or malicious exploitation as they work.


Identity Threat Detection & Response

Rezonate collects the right data that sends threat signals and applies it to cloud threat models to thwart identity-based attacks.


Real-Time Anomaly Detection

Rezonate sees not just activity but its patterns. It creates baselines so it can sound the alarm for anomalies without the false positive overhead.


Enforce Effective Permissions

Rezonate discovers high-risk exposures and corrects excessive and toxic privileges on identity provider services including Okta, as well as on AWS.


Automated Remediation

Rezonate responds flexibly, perhaps setting up boundaries and guardrails, terminating identity provider sessions or correcting infrastructure platform policies, depending on the need.

Accelerate Action, Safely

Response that’s right for you

Rezonate’s arsenal of proven remediation playbooks, automated and tailored, enable teams to issue a fix faster. Go as deep as an exposure’s root or immediate and safe to stop an attack.


Disrupt attacks automatically

Eliminate attacker’s opportunity to breach access and limit movement within your clouds. Respond with confidence to an in-progress attack knowing guardrails are automatically set to prevent any damage or disruption to business as usual. Fix what others can’t even see.


Remediate and validate

Go beyond remediation: validate before and after a fix is performed, manually or automatically, that all is running smoothly with no issues and that you’ve resolved your risks without introducing new ones.


Know Your Identities’ Behaviors

Profile behaviors

Behavioral insights give your team the information they need to take action now: your cloud identities, resources, and applications; their connections and actions; the principals that operate them; their permissions to write, read, or modify data and access; and how these permissins are used.


Detect anomalies

Focus and prioritize your most suspicious, malicious behaviors that indicate a high-risk exposure or active threats. Rezonate analyzes millions of real-time security activities within your identity provider and cloud, using hundreds of behavioral indicators to establish baselines and pinpoint threats.


Holistic context

Rezonate’s cloud threat models link behavioral signals to exposure severity, user permissions, resource criticality, activity flow, intent, scope, impact and more, so you can find and fix problems quickly and effectively. This rich contextualization, over standalone flagsd, helps avoid false positive alerts, as well.

Identity 360

Give Your Teams The Insights
They Require

Rezonate introduces a new approach to cloud security. Placing your most critical and most vulnerable control at its center – your identity and access. This new approach brings resonance between security and dev ops teams, proving that you can go both fast and secure.


See How Our Customers Drive Impact

“With Rezonate we can finally see and understand an end-to-end view of our cloud identities and their respective risk – across our identity provider all the way to our multi-account AWS infrastructure – in real time. Our DevOps and security teams are enabled to work hand-in-hand to eliminate blindspots and accelerate remediations.”

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“Within hours of deployment, we understood the complete picture of our cross-cloud identity and access risks. Our DevOps team uses Rezonate daily to understand context and prioritize critical risks. We are now 10X faster and more effective in remediating security gaps.”

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