The Essential User Access Review Template


Take the first step in streamlining your identity compliance efforts.

Get a complete picture of your access compliance with the User Access Review template.

As cloud adoption continues to surge, User Access Control Audits are increasingly becoming an essential part of a security audit process. This necessity is punctuated by the fact that 28% of breaches have human error at their root, but it’s not always the user’s fault. Some employees are over-privileged without even realizing it, and it’s easy for inactive accounts to fly under the radar without regular auditing and user access reviews. 

It’s no longer just about who is on your network; a user access review tackles the chaos by ensuring everyone has the right key to do their job – no more, no less. User Access Reviews have emerged as a critical weapon against unauthorized access and potential breaches.  

Download this User Access Review template to get started in this process. It offers a way to maintain accountability, visibility, and data integrity across your organization, eliminating identity risk across your cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications. 

By system or application, use the template to map out:

  • User details for both human and machine identities
  • Review process
  • Roles/privileges 
  • Access information
  • Additional insights or next steps

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