Interactive Identity Security Assessment

Our interactive identity security assessment will give you a baseline understanding of your current identity security posture in five key areas. It enables you to prioritize and eliminate the most critical opportunities for attackers to compromise your identities across your cloud infrastructure, SaaS applications, and identity provider platforms.

Find and Eliminate Your Identity Weak Spots

Whether you’re a new CISO wanting a quick snapshot of your identity security posture, in the midst of an acquisition, preparing for an audit, planning your next security program or you are recovering from a breach, this interactive experience can be an invaluable tool to help you strengthen your identity attack surface and prevent future attacks.

Discover Your Exposures

Get a point-in-time assessment of your core identity security posture. Understand where you are at risk of compromise, non-compliance, or not following best practices in your security controls.

  • Shadow admins
  • Overprivileged users
  • Stale or dormant accounts
  • Weak security controls

Prioritize by Risk

Identify your most critical identity risks across your AWS, Azure Cloud, Entra ID, Google Cloud, Google Workspace, and Okta environments and configurations. Explore privileged access as well.

  • Most sensitive assets
  • Highest privilege users
  • External accounts
  • Accounts without MFA

Get Ahead of Attackers

Stop malicious actors fast! Harden your identity attack surface by taking action directly from within Rezonate or via guided remediation with your integrated tools and platforms.

  • Block identity compromises
  • Stop data exfiltration
  • Prevent resource abuse
  • Thwart cryptolocking

How It Works

Identify your easy targets

Surface your riskiest areas with a spotlight on your top identities at risk of compromise.

Protect your privileged users

Review your privileged identities at risk. Easily discover shadow admins and over-privileged users and enforce least privilege policy.

Assess third-party security

Review both human and machine identities and their access privileges and activity to detect risky external access to your cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications.

Streamline compliance

Remediate stale accounts and expired or weak security controls. Spot accounts lacking MFA and other security and compliance access requirements that aren’t up to policy.

80% of Breaches Start with Compromised Identities

Where are you currently at risk? Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Request your FREE Identity Security Assessment

Get started today! We’ll show you where your top identity risks are across AWS, Azure Cloud, Entra ID, Google Workspace, and Okta.

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