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How Rezonate Secures a Large Insurance Company from Identity Threats

“It is about ensuring the right individualsand machines have the right access,use it appropriately, remain uncompromised,and are not exploited by hackers”   CISO, July 15, 2023 About the Client Our client, a large insurance company, used multi-cloud platforms and critical SaaS tools to streamline vast operations and third-party collaborations. As their digital interactions increased, governing…

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Rezonate Compliance SOC2

How Rezonate Maintains Audit-Ready State Using Rezonate

We all understand the importance of maintaining strong security protocols and controls. That’s why Rezonate decided to invest in the SOC 2 Type 2 compliance early on, and after only one ...

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TX GROUP Case Study

TX Group: Eliminating cloud identity risk with Rezonate

Success for Switzerland’s largest international private media company means always staying ahead of the digital curve – and security is no exception. Rezonate makes this possible. ...

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Payme Case Study

PayMe: Protecting cross cloud identity and access with Rezonate

Empowering micro businesses to achieve more with a full suite of fintech products means building new tools and functionality fast – without cloud identity and access security slowing ...

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MITRE's Missing Identity Layers - Webinar

MITRE’s Missing Identity Layers

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Identity Posture Management ISPM

Manage and Secure The Identity Attack Surface

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Threat Simulation ITDR

Identity Attack Simulation: How To Detect & Respond

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