crowdstrike & rezonate integration

Stop Identity Breaches

Rezonate seamlessly integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon® Platform to accelerate identity threat detection and response (ITDR) from endpoint to cloud and beyond.

CrowdStrike Falcon® and Rezonate Integration

Extend threat detection, response, and attack analysis to identities across cloud, SaaS, and identity providers. SOC analysts can seamlessly correlate user-machine and cloud identity data, monitor activity, assess the potential impact of compromised endpoints on cloud and SaaS access privileges and implement rapid remediation efforts.

Stop Identity Attacks at Any Stage

Bilaterally sharing of threat signals and enabling response actions across the CrowdStrike and Rezonate platforms enables security teams to detect and block lateral movement between on-premises and cloud environments.

Unified Identity Threat Detection

Monitor millions of identity and access events and leverage real-time threat signals, threat models, and indicators of compromise (IOCs) to swiftly spot and stop identity breaches, both on the endpoint and beyond. 

Blast Radius Analysis

Discover endpoint-related identities and their access privileges across the cloud, SaaS, and identity providers for better attack containment.

Response Orchestration

 Expand response actions beyond the endpoint to halt lateral movement to and across cloud identities. 

Identity and Access Compliance for NIST CSF 2.0

Streamline investigation of suspicious user and machine activities across cloud infrastructure, SaaS, and identity providers. 

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Outpace the Attackers

With the integrated solution, CrowdStrike and Rezonate help you to detect and stop lateral movement and malicious activity without interfering with the pace of business.

Unified Detection & Response Orchestration

Bilaterally share real-time threat signals from CrowdStrike and IOCs from Rezonate across platforms to improve threat detection and prevention of lateral movement, account takeovers, and cloud/SaaS privilege abuse.

Blast Radius Analysis

Extend the discovery of identities and privileges from CrowdStrike Falcon® Identity Protection across cloud, SaaS, and identity providers to enhance containment and minimize the damage of a potential attack.

Identity and Access Investigation

Streamline investigation of suspicious user and machine activities across cloud infrastructure, SaaS, and identity providers with shared real-time monitoring insights from Rezonate in the CrowdStrike Falcon platform.

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“Rezonate combines identity threat detection and posture management to reduce exposure time and optimize our response to suspicious activities. The robust remediation workflows and the UI, make the platform an important asset in our line of defense.”

Paul Groisman

Sr. Director Cyber Security, Fubo