Okta Security Booster Kit


Maximize Okta Security: Get the Ultimate Okta Security Booster Kit

Protect Your Organization from Identity-based Breaches with Expert Tools and Best Practices

Cyber attackers continuously exploit user, system, and infrastructure vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data. With 80% of data breaches involving compromised credentials, identity breaches can cause immediate financial losses and long-term reputational damage.

Proactive measures with leading identity providers like Okta are essential for preventing breaches. The key to success is ensuring proper configuration and maintaining a consistent and continuous effort to protect your identities. Download our Okta Security Essentials Booster Kit to fortify your defenses and stay ahead of threats.

What’s Included in the Okta Security Essentials Booster Kit:

  • Top 10 Features To Enhance Your Okta Security Posture: Learn about underutilized Okta features that can significantly boost your security and could have mitigated recent Okta breaches.

  • 19-Point Okta Security Checklist: Assess the security posture of your Okta tenant with this checklist, covering authentication, authorization, session policies, and logging capabilities to mitigate risks.

  • Okta Threat Hunting Guide: Navigate Okta logs with this step-by-step guide. Turn raw data into actionable insights, detecting threats like brute force attacks, MFA fatigue, impossible traveler attempts, and privilege escalation techniques.

  • 8 Okta Security Best Practices To Implement Now: Discover eight essential practices to get the most out of Okta and safeguard your digital identities against cyber attacks.

Download Okta Security Kit

Gain strategies to strengthen your identity security.

Maximize Okta Security Posture: Get the Okta Security Booster Kit.  Learn more