Manage And Secure The Identity Attack Surface

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The identity attack surface is constantly evolving. As the adoption of public cloud and SaaS applications continues to grow, so do risks, attack vectors, and the overall threat landscape. Furthermore, many organizations are dealing with siloed, disparate data across the identity journey due to the deployment of different solutions across cloud, SaaS, and IAM infrastructure by different teams. This makes it difficult to manage and secure.

Watch this webinar to learn how security, IT, and DevOps leaders can manage and secure the dynamic identity attack surface. This webinar will address:

  • Why is identity becoming so hard to manage and secure despite ongoing investment and the introduction of new tools 
  • How can we break down silos to get a unified view of your complete identity attack surface
  • How Rezonate can help reduce the attack surface, eliminate exposure risk, and enable the business to move faster by delivering necessary protection for every identity and wherever access is provided

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Gain strategies to strengthen your identity security.

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