Identity Attack Simulation: How To Detect & Respond

On-demand webinar

Despite the availability of identity and access security tools, most organizations are still reacting to incidents and struggling to effectively reduce risk. There are more SaaS applications, clouds, identity providers, identities, resources, and data yet a one fragmented IAM practice. In order to change this, a different approach is required.

This isn’t your typical webinar or product demo. In this live event, we will take a closer look at how to empower you – security professionals – to stop identity threats as they unfold.

Join Mor Levi, VP Product at Rezonate, to get a full view of a real-life identity attack and learn how Rezonate has already helped organizations worldwide build an identity-centric security approach that stops identity threats faster and simpler. In this session, Mor will cover: 

  • How a real-life, stealthy, multi-stage cyber attack develops and evolves across every stage of the identity lifecycle
  • Real-life examples of how Rezonate detect, prioritize and respond to the most critical risks
  • Critical strategies to break down data silos to increase response speed

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Gain strategies to strengthen your identity security.

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