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About Rezonate

The Security Identity Has Been Waiting For

Unlock Peace of Mind with a Holistic, Intelligent and Proactive Approach to Identity Security

Led by identity security experts, laureate defenders, and experienced cloud builders, we are on a mission to create a new, disruptively simple standard of how access needs to be protected in the cloud. By placing your most critical and most vulnerable controls at the heart of your cloud security program, our platform gives organizations the agility, speed, and scale to detect and remove critical risks and detect threats in real time.

Why Now?

Cloud Has Changed the Speed, Scale, and Mode of Operation Expected from Security and DevOps Teams.

While innovation and benefits are vast, security continues to lag. Multiple attempts to retrofit traditional approaches eventually slow down development and fail on the promise to eliminate security risks.

Approaching this new world with old-gen tools results in siloes and fragmentation, leading to the inability to control toxic complexity. Left with a static security state for an always-changing infrastructure, organizations are unintentionally creating more ways for the adversary to exploit and expand.

Now is the time for a new approach, not just “re-inventing” the old ones. An approach that is as dynamic as the infrastructure it is protecting. One that’s faster and can outpace the adversary, and one that is tailored to you.

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Rezonate Founders

Roy Akerman

Roy Akerman

Co-Founder & CEO

Ori Amiga

Ori Amiga

Co-Founder & CTO

We are Rezonators

We Operate To Change How Security Is Done In The Cloud

We came together, defenders and builders, from a pain we all personally experienced on the frontlines. From cloud engineers who have built a nation-state level cloud infrastructure – the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) one, former government practitioners who faced an advanced adversary and state enemies, Cloud IR specialists, and business, across product and services industry leaders.

United by the same mission, we operate to change how security is done in the cloud. Building a solution that is simpler, faster, and actionable to enable builders and empower defenders. The security your cloud identities have been waiting for.

Rezonate Team

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