Rezonate Expands Coverage to All Major Identity Providers to Break Down Data Silos and Stop Identity Threats

Rezonate’s Unique Identity Storyline Provides Security Teams with a Single Source of Truth Into Their Identity Attack Surface

BOSTON & TEL AVIV, March 1, 2023 – Rezonate, the creator of the first real-time Cloud Identity Protection Platform, today announced its latest native integration with Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, and Google Workspace in addition to existing cloud infrastructure support. These integrations further advance Rezonate’s mission to discover, detect and completely automate the protection of the cloud’s most critical controls – identity and access. Rezonate’s solution tracks identity behaviors, from build time and across every change, regardless of how complex and distributed the organization’s hybrid architecture may be. 

The need for a new approach to expose and counter rising identity threats in dynamic cloud environments is critical. However, a surge in human and service identities, a distributed infrastructure, disconnected silos of static identity context, and a lack of real-time operational visibility into privilege use, limit security teams’ ability to focus, proactively remove high-risk exposures, and stop in-progress attacks on business critical infrastructure, resources and applications.

Rezonate’s disruptive approach is uniquely designed to solve these challenges by automating the discovery and mapping of every identity and every federated access to critical applications and resources across identity providers and cloud infrastructure. Rezonate removes data silos between cloud and identity providers to continuously provide security teams with real-time situational understanding of usage, behavior, possible risk, and active threats. 

“We see privileges and access patterns often change-as-code. When a new exposure is detected, teams are hesitant to fix it due to the risk of breaking something. By the time you are able to manually piece together all the context, it is already too late,” said Roy Akerman, CEO and co-founder of Rezonate. “Rezonate changes that. For the first time, enterprises can accelerate development ensuring that identity and access risks are detected and removed before they are exploited.”

Rezonate is the first to combine identity posture management in the cloud with identity threat detection and response in a single platform, unifying context across the full identity lifecycle. Rezonate seamlessly connects to organization’s multi- IdP and cloud environments, tracking all access behaviors and monitoring for any real-time abnormal activity. A unified data model visualizes the complete session, understands origin-to-impact risk context, and interdependencies to evaluate potential risk to organization’s most critical assets.

A New Way for Organizations to Gain Complete Situational Understanding

The Rezonate platform’s core capability, Identity Storyline, offers a real-time overview of all risks stemming from access across an organization’s entire identity estate. Each storyline presents precise contextual information that security and DevOps teams need to make conclusive decisions, without any unnecessary details. This expedites the prioritization of risk-bearing exposures, limiting potential damage to critical assets.

Rezonate’s customers are using the Identity Storyline to simplify identity and access by:

  • Automatic discovery and visualization of the most up-to-date landscape, including cloud identities, services, entitlements and access behaviors to resources and data.
  • Continuously mapping and comprehending identity real-time dynamics, patterns and interdependencies.
  • Clearly seeing how the environment is constructed, configured and operated.
  • Applying impact-based prioritization of critical exposures and threats.
  • Confidently taking obvious and optimized remediation actions for immediate risk reduction without risking operation continuity.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen tools emerge that address some aspects of identity posture – either from the identity provider side or IaaS entitlement management. However, these approaches leave organizations with gaps in visibility and the ability to react fast,” said Mor Levi, VP Product of Rezonate. “Our simplified approach to identity protection delivers a single platform where security teams, within minutes of onboarding, can start seeing correlated data and context they never had access to before.”

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