PayMe: Protecting cross cloud identity and access with Rezonate

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Empowering micro businesses to achieve more with a full suite of fintech products means building new tools and functionality fast – without cloud identity and access security slowing teams down. Rezonate makes this possible. 

“Partnering with Rezonate to protect identity and access allowed both our security and DevOps teams to feel more secure and confident in how fast we’re moving – despite increasing challenges.”

Alexander Sorochan, Head of DevSecOps, PayMe

The Challenge: Striking the Right Balance Between Speed, Agility, and Security

Financial technology (fintech) companies are innovating with unmatched speed and agility to meet new demands in a digital-first world. But securing this fast-growing industry in sync is proving to be more difficult. 

For fintech startup PayMe, one of the biggest security challenges has been cloud identity and access management. 

“Swiftly detecting and responding to risks across cloud environments is critical,” says Sorochan, “but it’s next to impossible when security teams are managing access for multiple identities in multiple cloud accounts on different platforms.”

Piecing together data across identity sources takes time – something most fintech companies simply do not have to spare. 

PayMe knew they needed to act quickly to protect their cloud environment with a security tool that could:

  • Increase operational visibility into cloud identity and access security across platforms
  • Reduce the overwhelming number of insignificant incident alerts and the time spent addressing them
  • Discover and monitor third party cross-cloud access
  • Limit permissions and restrict access to the minimum users required without any impact to operations.

With Rezonate, PayMe was able to achieve all of the above, and more. 

“Rezonate provides unparalleled visibility into one of the core problems facing fintech today: cloud identity and access. Now, we can prioritize exposures and identify threats as they emerge, without sacrificing speed or agility.” 

The Solution: A Single Platform for a United Path Forward

PayMe chose Rezonate to protect its cloud identities and access for a variety of reasons:

  • Rapid deployment. Rezonate quickly connected with all of PayMe’s identity and cloud providers, enabling self-launch in no time. 

    Within minutes of deployment, PayMe could see, profile and analyze all of their cloud identities across all of their cloud providers; within hours, PayMe was identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating their most critical risks. 

    The result? A complete view of critical findings for immediate prioritization, instant optimization for access and entitlements, and real-time validation for fixes – all in a single platform. 

“Within hours of deployment, we understood the complete picture of our cross-cloud identity and access risks. Our DevOps team uses Rezonate daily to understand context and prioritize critical risks. We are now 10X faster and more effective in remediating security gaps.”

  • Reduced complexity. At Rezonate, simplicity is key to quality security. 

    The brains behind the Rezonate platform, Identity Storyline replaces complex graphs with easy-to-understand storylines that trace every identity risk, exposure and threat from root to impact for a panoramic view at every point in time. 

    Now, PayMe’s security team can spot cloud identity and access weaknesses as they are created, and conclusively determine:
    • What they are and their possible impact
    • Who created them in its original intent
    • Where they exist and how abnormal they are
    • Why they have access and how is that usedHow they might impact security and business operations

      With complete visibility into its cloud environments from Rezonate, PayMe can now optimize remediation and minimize operational impact using a simple, fast, and unified approach. 
  • A united path forward. Rezonate’s platform brings PayMe’s security and DevOps teams together so they can work as one, quickly identifying and remediating risks across the cloud environment in tandem. 

    With Rezonate, PayMe can holistically connect risk, threat, and operational visibility across teams and across the board. Now, PayMe’s security team can respond with confidence – immediately stopping attacks and wiping out risks from within – freeing their developers to work without security slowing them down. 

The Outcomes: 

  • Compliance-ready cloud identity and access security in minutes
  • A proactive security stance with complete coverage for cloud-wide environments
  • Context and automation to prioritize and remediate risks 
  • Active threat detection for prevention before progression
  • Minimized excessive access and administrative permissions
  • Better ability to pinpoint risky exposures, reducing identity exposure debt
  • Visibility into AWS and Okta environments in a single platform


Ready to see Rezonate in action?

“Rezonate combines identity threat detection and posture management to reduce exposure time and optimize our response to suspicious activities. The robust remediation workflows and the UI, make the platform an important asset in our line of defense.”

Paul Groisman

Sr. Director Cyber Security, Fubo

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