Rezonate Delivers Identity-Centric Security Solution to AWS Marketplace

Marketplace Availability and AWS Integrations Help Customers Secure Identities and Access Across Cloud Environments, SaaS Applications, and IAM Infrastructure

Rezonate Identity Storyline

Boston & Tel-Aviv – June 8, 2023 – Rezonate, the creator of the real-time identity-centric security platform, announced today further advancements in its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS), bringing its platform to the AWS marketplace. The availability of Rezonate on AWS Marketplace simplifies the process for mutual customers to continuously prevent identity risks and stop active attempts in real time, particularly as more critical data and applications transition to the public cloud. 

Rezonate provides a comprehensive view of all identities and their access routes to multi-cloud assets and critical SaaS applications, including federated privileges from different identity providers. This offers security and infrastructure teams an identity-centric security framework to automate the remediation of exposure risk and respond faster to active attacks.

A shift from focusing on a single exposure and threat indicator or misconfiguration is required. When several isolated findings are hidden in a complex fabric of privileges, they can be compiled in a relevant context to form a risk storyline that clearly reveals avenues for attackers to exploit and progress. This method is used to create the Rezonate Identity Storyline to provide insights into risks associated with user and machine identities across the complete identity attack surface. Rezonate’s storyline technology connects these countless and dynamic factors through real-time behavior analysis of every privilege and every access attempt. 

“Getting identity and access right in a cloud-operated environment is critical. Till now, security and infrastructure teams did not have  a way to map, understand, and reduce exposure risk or eliminate attacks in real time across clouds, SaaS apps, and IAM infrastructure,” said Roy Akerman, CEO and Co-Founder at Rezonate. “Rezonate’s presence on AWS Marketplace allows customers to achieve a faster, more streamlined adoption of our identity security solution and stop identity risks and threats in real time.”

Rezonate has introduced a new approach to identity security that unifies identity security posture and real-time threat detection and response across multi-cloud, identity, and SaaS infrastructure. Rezonate’s deep understanding of an organization’s identities, privileges, and access behaviors at every stage of the identity journey, enable security and infrastructure teams to quickly remove the most critical exposure risks, accelerate detection of active threats and automatically adapt access as new risks arise in a single platform.

With Rezonate’s solution now available in AWS Marketplace, customers can easily adopt Rezonate’s identity-centric security platform through their AWS Marketplace accounts to enable them to quickly secure every identity wherever access is provided by proactively removing risks and active threats. 

Learn about the benefits of Rezonate and AWS integrations during the upcoming webinar, “Manage and Secure the Identity Attack Surface,” on June 27, 2023, or join Rezonate during AWS re:Inforce, June 13-14, 2023 in Anaheim, CA.

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