Microsoft Entra ID: The Complete Guide to Conditional Access Policies

Here it is - everything you need to know about using Entra ID's Conditional Access policies to boost your identity security posture.

A Guide to the Gartner IAM Summit in London

Get a checklist for 6 critical learning objectives for the event, and jump start your agenda planning with our top 10 analyst session picks. In just one week, Europe’s version of Gartner’s IAM Summit will unfold in the vibrant city

How ITDR Could Have Helped Microsoft in the Midnight Blizzard Hack

Identity-based attacks are on the rise, but they can be prevented with the right identity threat detection and response (ITDR) measures.  As winter crept in last year, so did identity threat actors. Microsoft revealed in January that the Russia-backed group

Top 10 Features to Enhance Your Okta Security Posture

We break down 10 key security configurations and features to ensure robust authentication and identity management within your Okta instance to help prevent future attacks.

Okta Threat Hunting: Auditing Okta Logs Part 2

Update Note Due to the recent events at MGM, which included the compromise of MGM’s Okta tenant, and the surge in attacks of Okta Admins,  we have updated the threat-hunting article, adding a few relevant queries to increase visibility surrounding

Defending Azure Active Directory (Entra ID): Unveiling Threats through Hunting Techniques

Azure Active Directory (Entra ID) stands as one of the most popular and widely-used cloud-based identity and access management services provided by Microsoft. It serves as a comprehensive solution for managing user identities and controlling access to a diverse range

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