How ITDR Could Have Helped Microsoft in the Midnight Blizzard Hack

Identity-based attacks are on the rise, but they can be prevented with the right identity threat detection and response (ITDR) measures.  As winter crept in last year, so did identity threat actors. Microsoft revealed in January that the Russia-backed group

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We break down 10 key security configurations and features to ensure robust authentication and identity management within your Okta instance to help prevent future attacks.

IAM vs PAM: What is the Difference?

Your employees can likely access anything from anywhere. For example, features like Single Sign On (SSO) provide employees with seamless access to the necessary tools and resources, helping break down productivity and efficiency barriers.  But how secure are these ‘access

8 Okta Security Best Practices to Implement Now

Cyber attackers are continuously upping their game. They make it their mission to constantly search for user, system, and infrastructure vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to sensitive data.  With 61% of all data breaches involving compromised credentials. An IAM breach’s

What is Azure Identity Protection and How to Get the Most out of It

Azure Identity Protection is the enigmatic sentinel of the Microsoft realm. Understanding the inner workings of Azure Identity Security Protection is essential to any information security officer, and will unlock the keys to an effective user risk policy. Unsurprisingly, cyber

10 IAM Best Practices for 2023

Most enterprises recognize IAM strategies as an effective way to mitigate security challenges, but turning intention into action is another story. Why do some businesses still allow their employees to use ‘12345’ as a password despite knowing the financial and

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