A Step-by-Step Guide to Okta Identity Governance

How many identities does your organization manage? Hundreds, maybe even thousands? Efficiently and effectively managing these identities and their access privileges can be a major headache, especially in complex cloud environments and across multiple platforms and applications.  2023 saw a

5 Tips to Make Sense of the Gartner IAM MQ and Cool Vendor

In a sea of great vendors (and maybe one or two bad ones!), how do you choose the solution that will help you achieve secure, visible, and efficient IAM? As a leading voice in technology research and advisory, Gartner’s insights

Top 10 CIAM Software Solutions

CIAM is like a guard at the digital gate. It’s not just about creating barriers to prevent unauthorized access to your systems – it’s also about making your online experience smooth and stress-free. Here’s the cool part: According to Gartner,

How Rezonate Secures a Large Insurance Company from Identity Threats

“It is about ensuring the right individualsand machines have the right access,use it appropriately, remain uncompromised,and are not exploited by hackers”   CISO, July 15, 2023 About the Client Our client, a large insurance company, used multi-cloud platforms and critical

Mastering the Identity Management Lifecycle: The Essential Guide

Imagine this: Your company part ways with an unhappy ex-employee who still has access to cloud resources and applications. Although you assume they won’t take sensitive data to a competitor, how can you be sure? A shocking 83% of people

7 Tips to Make Sense of the Gartner IAM Magic Quadrant

The world of Identity and Access Management (IAM) is not just about selecting a vendor – it’s about selecting the right vendor. In a rapidly evolving sector, making informed decisions is critical for your business to stay secure and efficient.

Rezonate Announces New Integration With CrowdStrike To Stop Identity Breaches.  Learn more