Rezonate Announces New Integration with CrowdStrike to Stop Identity Breaches  

New Rezonate integration with the CrowdStrike Falcon® XDR Platform Extends Identity Threat Detection and Response to Public Clouds, SaaS and Identity Providers BOSTON, MA., May 20, 2024 –  Rezonate, the identity-first security platform, today announced a new integration with the

Rezonate Blog: Credentials in the Crosshairs

Credentials in the Crosshairs: What Connects 2024’s Biggest Cyberattacks?

A spate of high-profile identity-based attacks over the past few months have underpinned a harsh truth. Although cybercriminals today are finding increasingly sophisticated ways to breach networks, organizations are still committing the same basic errors, time and again.  When seasoned

Eliminate Identity Blind Spots with an Identity Security Assessment

Eliminate Identity Blind Spots with Rezonate’s Interactive Identity Security Assessment

In today’s digital landscape, identity security is not just a necessity; it’s a critical battleground. With 80% of breaches stemming from compromised identities, it’s clear that traditional security measures are not enough. The number of identities to manage are increasing

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Rezonate Announces New Integration With CrowdStrike To Stop Identity Breaches.  Learn more