Monitor Identity Privileges and Activities

Rezonate delivers a radically simple yet contextually rich view of all your identities, their access insights, and risks across your cloud platforms, SaaS, and identity providers. This enables you to continuously monitor behavior, changes to access, and security controls. It detects risky misconfigurations and abnormal behavior as they occur wherever identities exist. 


No matter how many clouds, SaaS apps, and identity providers you have in your environment, Rezonate makes it possible for you to understand the state of security controls and interdependencies across them all.

Unified, Contextual Visibility

Discover and view access, activities, security controls, and privileges for all human and machine identities accessing your cloud infrastructure, SaaS apps, and identity providers in a radically simple yet granular way. Quickly understand the blast radius for any identity. 

Improved Security Posture

Review identity privileges and security controls and map to best practices. Drive corrective actions, share insights, trigger, and employ your existing security tools for remediation.

Risk-Driven Intelligence

Prioritize hygiene and remediation efforts based on risk levels. Spot toxic combinations of powerful privileges with poor controls, suspicious activities, and access misconfigurations.

Break Down Identity Siloes

Aggregate and correlate the data

Aggregate and correlate the disparate identity data including activity, security controls, and privileges for all human and machine identities accessing your cloud, SaaS apps, and identity providers.

Visualize access pathways

The Identity Storyline shows you where each user can go with the access privileges and entitlements they have across all your applications, clouds and identity providers.,

Make better decisions

With a view across all identities and systems, Rezonate helps you understand where the most urgent threats or critical issues exist and guides you to the best practice remediation.

Expand Your Identity Security Efforts

Leverage identity analytics

Rezonate continuously maps and analyzes identity dynamics, patterns, and interdependencies, prioritizing critical exposures and threats based on impact.

Proactively investigate issues

Visualize, search, and set alerts on identity activities, privileges, and security concerns to understand where to focus your efforts quickly.

Respond at scale

Maximize your identity security efforts with always-on monitoring that alerts, triggers, and orchestrates remediation workflows with integrated systems so that you can focus on the most important tasks.

Speed Up with Confidence

Real-time threat detection

Rezonate alerts you and takes immediate action when a security issue or breach is detected. 

Drive corrective actions

Share identity security insights and trigger other security tools to take immediate action. 

Context-aware insights

Because Rezonate unifies all identity data across systems,  understands the trust relationships, and knows the risks and privileges for each user, you can confidently remediate as needed. 

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