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Key Topics


The Shift to Identity-Based Security

Learn why identity has become the focal point in modern security strategies, surpassing traditional network-based approaches.


Challenges in Managing Identities




Embracing Zero Trust and Continuous Authentication


Navigating Risks and Threat Detection


Future Trends


Expert Advice

Our Speakers

Meet our expert speaker panel

chris niggel
Chris Niggel
Regional CSO, Americas at Okta

Chris is currently the CSO Americas @ Okta, with 20 years of experience in cloud identity management,
Cloud enterprise security and Forensics, and Identity compliance and regulation.

sam curry
Sam Curry
VP, CISO at Zscaler

Sam is currently Chief security at Zscaler, with 30+ years of experience in identity, network, and endpoint security. Sam is a frequent columnist on, holds more than 17 patents in the security space, and has acted in multiple senior positions at RSA, Cybereason, Harbor Networks, and more.

Roy Akerman
Roy Akerman
Co-founder & CEO, Rezonate

Roy is the co-founder and CEO of Rezonate – creator of the revolutionized identity-centric security platform, and the former chief of cyber defense operations for the Israeli Government and for Israel’s critical infrastructure (2001-2017).

michael fox
Michael Fox
VP Sales, Rezonate

Michael is currently Vice President of Sales at Rezonate, with 10+ years of experience building go-to market teams across cloud and cloud-native cybersecurity companies such as Sysdig and Styra.

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